Awesome Games 2015: Charity Speedrunning Marathon Has Begun

Video game geeks and speedrunning freaks, rejoice, for today marks the kickoff of Awesome Games Done Quick 2015. The annual charity marathon is a celebration of the burgeoning speedrunning community, featuring many of the top runners showcasing their impressive talents across numerous popular video games.

AGDQ 2015 began at 12:00 pm today, and will run through January 11, 2015. Throughout the course of the week, speedrunners will play nonstop, wowing audiences constantly as they glitch, skip and boost their way through each respective game.

The primary goal of the Games Done Quick Charity Marathons is to support and raise funds for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. During the marathon, viewers are encouraged to donate, with various incentives in place for those who do.

This year’s Awesome Games Done Quick kicked off with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (run by michael_goldfish). Other notable runs today include Banjo-Kazooie (Stivitybobo), a 100% Diddy Kong Racing race (Toufool,0xwas, JoeDamillio) and Tomb Raider: Legend (Stingray).

AGDQ 2015 can be watched live on the Games Done Quick website, or by heading directly to GamesDoneQuick Twitch channel.

Be sure to check back to Entertainment Buddha for more updates and information regarding Awesome Games Done Quick 2015.


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