Awesome iPad Game of the Week Goes to Super Stickman Golf!

I’ve begun to realize that I spend more time on my iPad 2 looking for new apps than actually using the ones I’ve already installed, but as a result I’ve found some kick a*s freebies that I’d like to start featuring.  Today I’d like to bring Super Stickman Golf to your attention, which is now free for the iPad and iPhone.  SSG takes the time tested game of golf and puts a unique spin on it that will keep you playing it as if it were transferring crack directly to your brain.  Imagine playing golf on a course that resembles something you’d see during a round of putt-putt versus a round at Augusta, sprinkle in some crazy ball upgrades (sticky ball), cave like courses, a simple little stick guy, and essentially that is SSG in a nutshell.

Bet Tiger Woods Never Played a hole Like This

Basically, you have a little stick figure as a golfer, and all you really have to do is line up the angle of his swing and let her rip.  SSG doesn’t use any of the complex swing mechanics of the recent Tiger Woods games, rather hitting the golf ball is as simple as starting a meter and then stopping it at a desired power level.  From there physics takes over, and your use of angles will determine your success on each hole.  For its simplicity SSG is quite a challenge to maintain a decent score on each course, but it does provide for some “F*ck Yeah!” moments, especially when you hit a hole in one on a par 5.  Trust me, these aren’t your typical golf holes either as some of them have pars up into the 7 stroke range.

Nothing Better Than Using the Backstop to Get a Hole in One

If  you love burning time on your mobile device then Super Stickman Golf should be right up your alley.  It’s a pick up and play game that will grab your focus and not release it until you’ve achieved that low score that you’ve been shooting for.  If you have an iOS device make sure to grab SSG before it costs money again.  For a limited time it’s free, so why do you have to lose?  Head on over to the App Store on your iDevice today, or follow this link for more details about SSG.  There’s also a video below to give you an idea of what this game looks like.  You’ve been shown another way to procrastinate…

Super Stickman Golf MP Demo



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