THQ has just released Star Wars: Battle for Hoth exclusively on the iPhone!  I hope this can be used on the iTouch as well because I’m loving what this game has to offer.  Battle for Hoth is essentially a tower defense game.  The whole tower defense genre is really starting to pick up steam lately, and it has quickly become one of my favorite “thinking” games because I get to shoot sh*t.  Typically, I’m against thinking.  I think it’s dangerous for most of the population, and we’d live in a better place if people just stopped thinking, but when thinking involves blowing up bad guys with various defense towers, I’m all about it.

When I think about it, the Battle for Hoth is a great use of the iconic imagery from that scene in the movie.  It makes perfect sense to be used as a tower defense game with all of the AT-ATs and on-coming Imperial soldiers to defend against.  I’m telling you, if you haven’t jumped on the tower defense casual gameplay bandwagon yet, Star Wars: Battle for Hoth will be a great place to start.  I’m really hoping someone ports this over to the Android Marketplace, because I want to take it up the a*s one more time from George Lucas’s money printing machine.  Although, I do think this app will be money well spent.  I’m just a bitter SW geek.  You’ve been dropping AT-ATs like they’re hot…

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Via [Joystiq]


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