Awesome, My HTC Thunderbolt No Longer Connects to 4G Service

The joys of owning technology never cease to amaze me.  At times I feel like it’s my lot in life to experience technical failures that other users of gadgetry never have to deal with.  One day it could be my iPad 2 not connecting to iTunes after upgrading it to 4.3.2 (Yesterday), while the next it could be my Thunderbolt not connecting to Verizon’s 4G LTE network (Today).  It just never seems that I can go even one f*cking day without having to troubleshoot why my toys aren’t behaving the way they’re supposed to.

You’d think I’ve rooted these things and altered what the OEM intended me to use, but that’s not the case.  Both my Thunderbolt and iPad 2 are using the stock setup outside of some apps and widgets installed from their respective app stores.  So why am I constantly being assaulted in my rear with the proverbial sandpaper condom?  Is it a test of my patience from the Gadget Gods?  How about a test of my sanity?  Regardless, I’ve become resigned to the fact that if something is to go wrong with a high-end piece of electronics I will be in the small subset of users that gets burned.

As I mentioned earlier today’s struggle revolves around the fact that my HTC Thunderbolt will no longer connect to the 4G Network here in Columbus, OH.  For some reason the gremlins are hard at work keeping me from the ultra-fast speeds that Verizon’s LTE network provides.  I’m using it in the same locations that I’ve used it in since launch day, yet I can only connect to 3G service.  I did have WiFi on all weekend, because believe it or not, it saves me battery power (Mainly because I’m in a basement most of the time, so on WiFi my phone doesn’t have to strain to stay connected) versus not having it on while I’m home.

Upon arriving to my office today I noticed that I wasn’t on any type of network, so I disabled my WiFi card.  Upon it shutting down I saw that ugly looking 3G status icon staring at me where the 4G LTE indicator should be.  Being the go-getter that I am, I quickly stepped through every troubleshooting step I could think of to try and get my 4G connection back.  I disabled and then re-enabled all of my mobile connections, I kicked off Airplane mode and turned it back off, and finally I even shut the phone down by pulling out the battery and letting it sit in gadget timeout for awhile.  I also removed and re-seated my 4G sim card for sh*ts and giggles during this shut down period.

All of this still has yielded no signs of success when it comes to getting my Thunderbolt back on the LTE network.  I’m now at the point where I’m hoping that maybe it’s something with Verizon’s network in this area, but realistically I’m pretty sure that my phone is the culprit.  More than likely I’ll have to make that trip to the Verizon store and be told that my phone is busted, and that they’ll be sending me a refurbished one in the mail.  Lucky me, I’ve been wanting to spend an inordinate amount of time setting up my Android based phone again, especially since I just set this damn thing up not even 4 weeks ago.

If any of you have experienced the same type of issue with your HTC Thunderbolt please chime in with any suggestions using the comment section below.  I’ve tried all the basics, so at this point I’m stumped and ready to snap the damn thing like Macho Man used to do with Slim Jims.  I just want one day where I don’t have to babysit my toys!  It’s not just an Android thing either fanboys!  I spent an hour or two troubleshooting my iPad 2 yesterday after upgrading it to 4.3.2, so Apple has its own issues that f*ck with a user’s day as well.  It ain’t easy being a gadget obsessed geek.  You’ve been hoping that none of your gear breaks down today like mine…


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