Awesome Talents That Are Ultimately Useless

Everyone has some sort of talent that is awesome, but most of the time this talent is useless in the grand scheme of things.  Talents like squirting milk out of your eye, lighting farts on fire, and being able to puke on command are cool as hell, but they really don’t do much for you outside of a few laughs and burnt pubes.  The same can be said for this man’s talent, which you’ll see in the video below.

This guy can throw a wiffle ball like he’s the Cliff Lee of backyard baseball.  If you thought Pro pitchers had some amazing stuff wait until you see this guy.  He can control a wiffle ball like he has some sort of Harry Potter like magical powers.  I’m glad this dude didn’t grow up in my neighborhood when I was a kid, or playing wiffle ball would’ve been nothing more than an exercise in futility.  Too bad there’s no money in wiffle ball!  You’ve been wondering if this guy is related to Avatar the Last Air Bender…


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