Awesome Time-Lapsed Video From International Space Station

I’ve been on a Space kick lately because I just watched the ‘When We Left Earth’ documentary on my Netflix Streaming queue.  I highly suggest watching this if your into real-world geeky stuff, or far out science.  Anyway, after watching that documentary I became really envious of the astronauts for being able to leave the confines of the Earth and orbit the planet at speeds that reach over 17k miles.  Space is just mind blowing to me, and the thought of orbiting Earth just seems surreal.

Don Pettit has been lucky enough to fly to space and spend some time on the International Space Station, and he took some wild time-lapse vids of what it looks like to see Earth from Space.  Again, this video just makes me want to see and feel space for myself.  Pay attention at how fast the Space Station is really moving.  With the time-lapse camera only taking pictures every 15 seconds you can really see how much distance an object orbiting Earth moves.

The 38 second video below is basically capturing 9.5 minutes of Earth orbiting.  Talk about a laser light show!  Someone needs to make Space travel a reality for the public.  I could see some lucrative businesses popping up that focus on getting Dead Heads and Pink Floyd fans tickets to a mind-f*ck they’ve never experienced.  You’ve been made to feel really, really, insignificant…


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Via [Wired]


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