Awesomely Cool Fisrt Person Super Mario Game Video

What self respecting gamer hasn’t played a Super Mario Bros. game at least once in their life?  If you haven’t please punch yourself in the balls and return your gamer card to me.  Anyway, the Super Mario universe has always been played in the 3rd person perspective, which makes sense since it’s a platformer, but have you ever wondered what it would look like to play this franchise using the first person view made famous by the FPS genre?  How about if it had achievements with names like “Acid Trip”?  Well the creative geniuses over at Freddie Wong’s Shop of Awesomeness have done just that.

They released a video of their interpretations on what Super Mario Bros. would look like if it was a First Person Shooter, and probably for the first time since I was 8 I’m digging the little jumping plumber.  They essentially re-created level 1-1 from the OG NES game in a 3D first person fashion, so anyone who had played the original should have no problem recognizing the level’s design.  It really is something to see especially if you remember playing this game over and over back in its 8-bit days.  Check it out below.  You’ve decided that Freddie Wong and Crew are some of the coolest f*cking geeks in the World…


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