Awesomeness: Picasso Batman and More Geek Art From Mike Capps

I happened to come across a fantastically awesome artist today by way of a post on io9 whose name is Mike Capp.  Capp’s specialty is taking pop culture figures from today, and mashing them with the style’s of some of history’s greatest artists.  He’s done homages to everyone from Picasso to Dali, and they’re all spot on.  I browsed through all 10 pages of his works, and found at least one piece per page that I would buy.  Some of these pieces have sold for $800, but I’ll leave those for the art collectors; the smaller $20 prints will do just fine for me.

I urge you to check out some of my favorite pieces from Capp’s collection below, and you should also check out his site while you’re at it to see the rest.  I promise you’ll find something that you’ll appreciate.  You’ve been thinking about buying some of these pieces too…

Mike Capp Geek Artist

(Guess which one is our favorite)

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