Back to the Future Fans Can Now Own a Flux Capacitor Car Charger

What first started out as a Back to the Future April Fools joke on the Think Geek web store has now become a reality thanks to the release of a Flux Capacitor car charger for USB devices.

That’s right time traveling fans, you can now install your very own Flux Capacitor into your car’s power outlets to charge USB devices with its 1A and 2.1A ports. It will even light up and replicate the effects used in the Back to the Future films. Unfortunately, Doc Brown didn’t create it, so don’t plan on doing any time travel once it’s installed, but even if you can’t alter the fabric of time at least you’ll look rad as hell charging your USB devices while on the go.


The Flux Capacitor car charger is currently available from ThinkGeek for just $24.99. You can only order three total, so it appears that the geek store is expecting high demand from collectors wanting to sell them on the black market. If you want to order one you can do so from the ThinkGeek online store.

You can check out a video of the charger in action above.


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