Balding Men This Gadget Is For You!

Unfortunately, I am slowly but surely going bald, which is fine.  It’s a part of life for some of us males that got the short end of the stick when it comes to maintaining our turf that we’ve had since our youth.  It is kind of depressing, so don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.  The real depressing part is deciding on how to whip your new look when it comes to going bald.  Do you buzz it like Jason Stathem?  Do you comb it over like The Donald?  Do you straight razor it like Michael Chiklis?

This is a stressful decision for any male, because regardless of what route you take you’ll never look as sexy as you used to with a full head of hair.  That’s unless you’ve always been fugly, because there’s no hope for you anyway.  In contemplating my own preferred method for maintaining a balding dome I’ve always leaned towards the straight shave.  I’d rather look like a cancer patient than a clown with long hair on the sides and back of my head.  But when I think about possibly having to shave my head on a regular basis I become overwhelmed with stress.  I mean it’s hard enough to shave my face 3 times a week let alone my whole melon.  Luckily, if the shaved head route is in my future some dude named Boris has invented a shaving helmet to make this process as easy as 1-2-3.

Basically, you strap on a motorcycle helmet that has servos attached to 4 razors within the helmet and a self lubricating shaving cream system.  Within a few minutes your head emerges unscathed and freshly shaved.  When I first watched the vid I was expecting the test subject to scream out in pain as the top layer of his scalp was being sliced open like he just met an Indian who doesn’t let go of past transgressions against his people.  To my surprise there wasn’t even a single scratch on the test subject’s head!  I think Boris has a hit on his hands.  I’d totally buy one if it comes down to me having to shave my head on a regular basis.  Check it out below.  You’ve always been on the lookout for gadgets that make life easier…


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