Batman Arkham Asylum 2: It’s Going to Get Dark

Kevin Conroy, the voice-actor who plays Batman in the game was quoted as saying that the sequel will be, “really, really dark.”  What exactly is really, really dark anyway?  Does that mean it’s going to be hard to see, or does it mean it’s going to be dark like watching, “The Passions of the Christ”.  That movie is really really dark.  I doubt it’ll be that dark, but Arkham Asylum is sounding quite nice.

I’m not real sure that the title fits unless it’s going to be focused on Batman’s adventures at the Asylum again, but I guess if you have a brand you have to stick with it.  Conroy also let slip that Two-Face will be in the game, which hasn’t been revealed officially at this point.  I wonder if he’ll be lashed and stoned for letting an unannounced detail about the game slip?  Stay tuned for further Batman Arkham Asylum 2 announcements.

I’m Batman!!!

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