Smosh Games is back, and this time they’re getting brutally honest with everyone’s favorite billionaire vigilante–Batman. After all the begging, Batman: Arkham Knight has finally received an Honest Trailer. According to the video description, “From Bebop and ***** comes the only reason for the PC Master Race to descend from their ivory towers and mingle amongst the console common folk in the best Batman game of all time.” Being the first installment in the series to be rated “M”, Arkham Knight has left a lot of room for criticism.
Fans can expect over 4 minutes of explosions, guns, villains, Batman, and more explosions in the honest trailer for the game.
Batman: Arkham Knight launched this past June 23rd, and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.
Prepare yourselves for the brutality that is Smosh Games’:

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