Bane in all his glory.

Bane in all his glory.

The Caped Crusader makes his video game return this Friday in Batman: Arkham Origins, and it is safe to say that Batman has never looked better.

In a new video released by Warner Brothers Games, fans are treated to a lengthy walkthrough of Arkham Origins that showcases just a slice of what players can expect from Gotham in Batman’s newest offering.

The Batman: Arkham Origins walkthrough video takes place during Batman’s attempt to infiltrate a Gotham City Police Department building in order to collect information about The Black Mask and the various assassins that are hunting the Caped Crusader down.

Batman’s fighting prowess and gadget-based expertise are shown in great detail, and prove that the Arkham franchise is one that continually improves with each new release.

Of special note is the inclusion of the Bat Cave and the new elements it adds to an already stellar looking gameplay experience. Batman can use his Bat Cave to master combat, as well as train with the new gadgets in his arsenal. Practice makes perfect, and it seems that spending time honing your skills will be the only way to ensure that Batman can survive the horrors that The Black Mask has sent after him on Christmas Eve.

The full length Arkham Origins gameplay walkthrough can be found below, be sure to check it out in order to prepare yourself for a return trip to Gotham City this Friday.

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