Batman: The Enemy Within continues with its second episode, which is titled, “The Pact”. In it, the action shifts to a Bruce Wayne-centric perspective, which brings both pros and cons to this particular episode. On one hand, having Bruce as the main character you get to see new sides to him, as well as other prominent members from the Batman universe, which I found to be very refreshing. On the other hand, going solo with Bruce also leads to some dull pacing and not that much Batman-like action, so the episode can feel a bit slow at times. Either way if you want to continue the journey you can’t miss this episode, because it sets up the return of a major character from the first season, while also shedding some new light on a few of Gotham’s rogues that hasn’t really been explored in other Batman media.

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Hey now my fellow Bat buddies, Matt Heywood here to review the second episode of Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within series, which is titled “The Pact”.

Please note that there will be light spoilers from past episodes present.

The Pact picks up right after the first episode left off, and Bruce is lamenting the fact that Waller knows his secret identity, and that a crook died on his watch.

He heads off to track down a new lead on the organization that was working with the Riddler, but he’s treated to a bit of Bane’s brand of medicine and is roughed up a bit.

This interaction with Bane is what causes this episode to shift fully to a Bruce Wayne perspective, as you must use the billionaire playboy persona to infiltrate the group that was working with Riddler, but also has sinister plans for Gotham in general.

By taking this route, this episode starts to feel a bit dull early on, but it also offers up some cool Batman lore, which if not canon, is still intriguing for fans of the franchise.

Most of these lore changes revolved around the Joker and Harley Quinn, who in this take on the Dark Knight aren’t lovers yet, and in fact, Harley is much more of a badass than Joker, who is still going by the John Doe handle.

John Doe comes off as someone with massive potential in the criminal world, but he’s also still a bit innocent and like a little puppy dog around Quinn. It was just interesting seeing their roles reversed, because we’re typically used to seeing the Joker boss Harley around and treat her like crap, but in this game it’s the complete opposite.

With Bruce getting involved with Gotham’s baddest, which includes Mr. Freeze, Bane, Harley, and the Joker, you do get more insights into the minds of these iconic DC baddies. I enjoyed my flirtatious encounters with Harley, while also cautiously trying to win Bane over to buy into my rouse. These interactions give you other sides to these characters outside of their insane lust for death and destruction.

Not much happens in this game, but you do make some pretty tough choices due to the situation Bruce finds himself in, so there’s no way to come out of this episode without pissing someone, or multiple people off.

The episode ends on an interesting reveal and cliffhanger that will surely make events in the third episode even more complicated, so while this episode was rather dull on action, it packed in some interesting Bruce Wayne narratives that other Batman stories haven’t dared to explore, so I ultimately enjoyed it.

Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2 gets a 7 out of 10 review score from Team EB. It’s not the most exciting Telltale Batman episode, but the focus on Bruce Wayne does reveal enough interesting insights into the world of Gotham’s underbelly to make it worth experiencing.

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Batman Ep. 2 Review Summary

Story - 8
Gameplay - 6
Graphics - 7
Sound - 7
Entertainment Value - 7



This episode can get dull with its pacing at times, but the focus on Bruce Wayne does lead to some new insights into what makes him tick, as well as the motivations and personalities of some of Gotham's most iconic criminals.


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