Telltales second turn with the Batman continues on with its third episode this week, so I downloaded “Fractured Mask” to continue my own journey with Bruce and the Bat. What I experienced can’t be described as a water cooler worthy episode, because it’s very sluggish and features way too much uninteresting dialogue. The episode does progress the overall story forward, but if you haven’t played this series yet, I’d wait until the entire run is complete before picking it up, because this episode derails things a bit for me.

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Hey now Bat Buddies, Matt Heywood here to review the third episode from Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within series, which is titled, “Fractured Mask”.

There will be spoilers for past episodes present in this review.

“Fractured Mask” picks up right where episode two left off, so Bruce and Catwoman must pretend like they haven’t met before to keep Bruce’s cover from being blown as he continues to infiltrate Harley Quinn’s group of rogues.

They’re trying to get to some secrets that the Riddler left behind, but due to the outcome of their last mission, which saw them all almost being caught, the group is on edge because they have a mole in their mists.

This causes Harley Quinn to take control and send Bruce off on a mission to prove his loyalty. Bruce teams up with John “Joker” Doe and Catwoman to secure Riddler’s secret, but in a side deal Bruce as Batman convinces John to steal a laptop from Harley Quinn so he can use it to find Riddler’s secret first and shut down the bad guys for good.

To make a long story short Bruce faces a betrayal while also betraying someone else, and you do have to make a few key decisions that will dictate how the episode plays out. Depending on how you navigate these murky waters you could very well find yourself pissing off more than a few major characters, while also leaving Bruce in a very precarious position.

This episode felt lengthy, but heavy on dialogue, and uninteresting dialogue at that. It just felt like the middle of the episode dragged on too long before getting to the climatic cliffhanger that it ends on. There was hardly any Telltale-style action to break up the dialogue scenes, and in general the events being told just weren’t that interesting.

I’ve enjoyed most of these Telltale Batman series episodes, but this one felt like it was full of filler content to setup the final two episodes of the series. There really wasn’t much going on, so the episode as a whole felt a bit boring and sluggish.

The tricky thing with these Telltale games is that you have to sometimes wade through crummy episodes to get the full series payoff, so if you’ve been playing through this Batman run you might as well keep going, but if you haven’t started this second season yet I’d wait until it’s finished to see if the series as a whole is worth diving into.

“Fractured Mask” gets a 6.5 out of 10 review score from Team EB. It’s just too dialogue heavy and the dialogue isn’t that interesting, which is the main problem.

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Review Summary

Story - 6
Gameplay - 6
Graphics - 8
Sound - 6
Entertainment Value - 6.5



This episode drags the momentum of this second season down a bit, so if you haven't already been playing The Enemy Within, I'd wait on picking it up until the full season ends to see if the final two episodes can make up for this rather boring third one.

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