Telltale is back with a new season of its Bruce Wayne focused Batman series, and the first episode, “The Enigma”, is a great launching point for The Enemy Within’s run. I found it to be a meaty episode with a solid runtime and plenty of DC lore to consume. It’s a little more action oriented than past episodes, but alas, those moments are still carried out with QTEs. With that being said it’s still a solid entry point for this new season of Telltale Batman action.

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Hey now fans of the Batman, Matt Heywood here from to review Batman: The Enemy Within – The Enigma from Telltale games, which is the follow up season to the studio’s first Batman series.

Spoilers from the past season will be present in this review.

Like the first episode of Telltale’s original Batman series, The Enigma was packed full of narrative to setup the main plot that will arch over its five episodes. I found the content to be meaty and one of the longer Telltale Games episodes in recent memory.

Over the course of two plus hours you’ll catch up with Bruce Wayne and depending on if you played the first season you can import your decisions to continue your tale. From the get go you’re trust right into the action, and for a Telltale game it felt like more action oriented interactions were cooked into this episode, so it appears like Telltale may be opting for a more physical experience for Bruce and Batman this time around. You still just interact with QTEs, but I found the heated exchanges to be reflective of a night out with the Bat, so they’re tolerable in a game of this nature.

In terms of this episode’s plot the title gives it away. You must confront the Riddler after becoming a fabled hero and parter of the GCPD due to your actions in the first season. Batman is much more accepted now in Gotham, and is becoming the vigilante hero we know him to be. The Riddler on the other hand has resurfaced in Gotham with the sole intention of knocking the Bat down a few pegs.

In Riddler fashion he definitely gives Batman a run for his money in terms of the situations he gets the Bat into, which naturally all require him to solve some sort of riddle. I found the portrayal of the Riddler to be one of his best yet, because Telltale made him feel like a genuine cold blooded killer with a penchant for playing games with his targets. He came off as ruthless and unforgiving, and just felt like a bigger badass than I ever thought the Riddler could be. He definitely makes for a great villain for Batman and Bruce to take on thanks to his mental skills, which rival if not exceed Bruce’s.

While the Riddler plays the main baddie in this first episode, seeds start to get planted for the rise of the Joker, who is still known as John Doe at this point. He and Bruce, depending on how you interacted with him in the first season, have an odd working relationship, and you’re presented with some tough decisions on how to handle it in a very awkward exchange at a funeral. Let’s just say that John Doe is making moves and Bruce may very well be assisting him without knowing.

In addition to the Riddler joining the cast, Amanda Waller is also introduced, so Telltale is incorporating even more DC Comics characters into the mix. She definitely brings a bit of mystery to this season, and based on how things end up, she’ll have a heavy hand in the events to come.

Batman: The Enemy Within – The Enigma really is a solid jumping off point for Telltale’s new season of its Batman franchise. It’s a rather deep episode with some great storytelling and more action oriented moments than a typical Telltale Games episode. It sets up the main narrative arc for this new season very well, and it also has broaden the world with new DC favorites being added to the mix. It earns an 8 out of 10 review score from Team EB, and a glowing recommendation to play from your’s truly.

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The Enigma Review Summary

Story - 8.5
Gameplay - 6.5
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 7.5
Entertainment Value - 9


Great start!

The Enigma is a great starting point for Telltale's new season of its Batman series. It has plenty of content, action, albeit in QTE form, and a great narrative that is only the start of this season's nefarious arc.

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