Batman Toys Beat the Hell Out of Each Other in Awesome Stop Motion Short

The parabucks YouTube team got their hands on some realistic Batman toys and made an amazing stop motion short called Batman: Dark Knightfall.  In Knightfall the Dark Knight can be seen doing what he does best, which is kicking the a*ses of every enemy thrown his way.  This 6-minute fan film also sees Batman taking on some of the more iconic versions of his foes that we’ve seen on the silver screen over the years.

He does battle with Heath Ledger’s Joker and Jack Nicholson’s Joker, which is well worth a viewing on your part even if you hate stop motion cinema.  If those two super villains weren’t enough for you, he even goes toe to toe with TDKR’s Bane which results in an interesting take on their storied history.  Trust me, this project f*cking rules.  Check it out below!  You’ve been wishing you’re toys worked like this…


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