‘Battle Chasers: Nightwar’ Beta Unlocked for Crowdfunding Backers

It’s a somewhat sneaky update for Battle Chasers: Nightwar, but those who donated to Airship Syndicate’s crowdfunding efforts can now jump into the beta version of the game before its early October release.

Looking back at Nightwar‘s Kickstarter campaign, it looks like $20 is the required donation amount to gain access. First impressions seem to knock it for its slower walking speed in dungeons (among other gripes); otherwise, it seems like the modernized take of a classic JRPG has a lot to offer. Art-wise, it’s full of alluring imagery by Joe Madureira that looks to capture the aesthetic of the Battle Chasers comics quite well.

Even if you aren’t already invested in the series, the game provides a heap of additional systems and mechanics for a largely bygone genre. Dungeons are reportedly brimming with content, combat complexity ramps up at an approachable pace, and there’s plenty of justification for multiple playthroughs—it seems.

Until Battle Chasers: Nightwar drops on October 3, the rest of us are doomed to sit, wait, and scour threads online for impressions from backers. Until then, enjoy the intro trailer up above while you’re refreshing the forums.

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