This October a little game called Battle Chasers: Nightwar is releasing for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and even the Switch, and gamers who have a soft spot for classic turn-based RPG titles should definitely have it on their radars. Especially for its $29.99 asking price, which seems like a mega-deal after I met with the Airship Syndicate team at E3 to get a hands-off look at the game.

I have to admit that the art style and visuals are what first grabbed my attention during the demo. While on the world map the game looks and feels very Diablo 3-ish, sans excessive mouse clicking and hordes of enemies to click to death. Rather than having hordes of enemies to fight, they’re represented as a lone character, so if you want to fight them you then go into a traditional RPG battle view with the good guys on the left, and the bad guys on the right. In this view you being to appreciate the style of the characters, which there will be six to choose from in total, so each one looks very unique when compared to the rest. The details of each hero are intricate and brought to life through high-quality textures and coloring, and the environments are also detailed well. I still found the world map view to be the most pleasing, but in general this game looks damn good.

In terms of its gameplay Battle Chasers may be even stronger thanks to its reliance on randomly generated map nodes (spawn story elements and treasure), and its classic turn-based RPG combat. It’s hard not to be reminded of old school Final Fantasy games while watching battles play out, which rely on meters filling for each character before they can attack. The same formula applies to the enemies, so there is plenty of time to plan out your attacks and lay down a strategy that will lead to victory.

Characters have an overcharge meter, which gives them extra mana to use, which the devs explained was done to encourage using the hero abilities strategically over just going for melee attacks. The team of heroes also share a Burst meter, which has three levels to fill, and each level grants each character a special devastating attack. Balancing these attacks with standards and buffs is key to victory, because this game can be brutal if you mismanage your party during battle.

The game does have a town hub, which is used to level up your heroes after completing a dungeon, so the gameplay flow usually begins with a town visit, then a trip to the world map to find a randomly generated dungeon. After completing the dungeon, which has various difficulty settings that dictate the quality of loot you get, you then head back to town to level up. Of course, while in dungeons you can crank on some gear at crafting stations, which are the only locations where you can unlock the game’s best weapons. You also have to face boss battles in the dungeons, which are very tough regardless of difficulty and require a tight game plan to take them down. Luckily, right before each boss battle you can get a checkpoint and revive or refill your team’s health and powers, so it’s not a full on permadeath type of situation, or a full on dungeon restart if you fail to take down the boss.

Switch owners should be eager to get their hands on this game, solely for the purpose of providing a solid turn-based RPG experience on a platform lacking them. They won’t get a different version of the game, but anytime a developer makes a game for a Nintendo console it’s noteworthy, since the Japanese video game giant has struggled to get quality third-party titles on its platforms. With that being said Battle Chasers: Nightwar is coming out for every gaming device available outside of mobile consoles and devices, so all gamers have something to look forward to this October 3rd when it releases. It’s stunning visually, compelling technically, and just looks like a damn good time, so we will be keeping our ears to the ground as it approaches final launch status, so stay tuned to EB for more details as they become available.


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