Battle Chasers: Nightwar Preview: Classic Combat in a Modern Dungeon

Battle Chasers: Nightwar offers an innovative combination of classic and modern gameplay styles in quite an enticing package. My time with a hands off demo of the game at E3 not only showed a wealth of content within a small timeframe, but a beautiful blending of RPG stylings capable of entrancing Western and JRPG fans alike.

Dungeon crawling is but a single aspect of Battle Chasers. While the assets of the game’s dungeons are handcrafted, areas are randomly generated to provide a roguelike gameplay experience with a few twists. When enemies are encountered, players will transition from an isometric 3D point of view to a 2D turn-based battle. The essence of Battle Chasers‘ combat recalled old memories of playing through Final Fantasy X as the rotation of friendly and enemy turns are made visible on the screen. Certain actions can adjust your position in line, providing an impressive amount of strategy required to progress through the game.

Plan your attacks carefully to avoid getting stuck in sticky situations

Two combat abilities will act as your bread and butter when balancing your offensive and defensive capabilities: Instant and Charge attacks. Instant attacks take the role of basic attacks as they rarely (if ever) require a resource to use. Using these abilities will slowly build up your Overcharge meter, a temporary resource used to activate far more powerful attacks. Overcharge meters reset once the battle ends, so there’s no use in saving it to drop all your powerful moves on the dungeon’s boss. Battle Chasers promotes ability usage at all times, eliminating the feeling of grinding your way through weak battles of nothing but basic attacks. Each of the six playable characters have their own source of mana to rely upon when times get tough, but Battle Chasers really does revolve around proper utilization of the Overcharge meter. The faster you acquaint yourself with this mechanic, the better off you’ll be adventuring through this comic book-based world.

As damage is done to enemies in battle, a separate Burst Meter will begin to fill. Much like the Super Meter found in Mortal Kombat X, this meter is separated into segments. Each character in your party can use one or multiple segments of this shared bar to unleash an attack that can quickly change the tide of battle. Although only three of your six available companions can be in your party at one time, Battle Chasers provides a plethora of customizable skills to find an effective use out of every one of them. Switching characters out for others seems like a common occurrence, and a welcome one at that.

Navigating randomized dungeons is only half the battle

Hitting “end game” is not a necessity in order for Battle Chasers‘ replayability to rear its head. The difficulty of dungeons can be adjusted with the use of a 5-star system – 1 star being the easiest option. At 5 stars, bosses will gain unique abilities and characteristics in combat that completely change the course of battle. The best items you’ll find in the game come from the dungeons, and increasing the difficulty will further improve the quality of your findings.

Battle Chasers also boasts a fantastically in depth crafting system that will certainly aid you in your quest for great loot. All of the enemies in the game are capable of dropping ingredients upon death, so you’ll often be faced with the game’s crafting mechanic. In order to attain the best gear, you’ll have to find specific crafting stations in dungeons – but you may just happen upon an item during your travels that will allow you to use those very crafting spots in the safety of a town.

The game’s art direction is as immersive as it is beautiful

With a bestiary complete with combat knowledge on each enemy and an node-based overworld map filled with areas containing fascinating books of lore and strategic battles, Battle Chasers: Nightwar presents a smooth fusion of variously disparate RPG styles that eliminates any conjectures about its identity. It’s not for the JRPG fans, and it’s not for the Western RPG supporters.

It’s for everyone.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an RPG developed by Airship Syndicate and published by Nordic Games. Look for it to release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac in 2017.

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