Battle Command! Review: Familiar Format, Futuristic Setting


It often seems that strategy titles are becoming more synonymous with mobile devices than ever before. Perhaps this is largely due to the genre’s mechanics translating easily to touch-based controls or maybe even a form of escapism – a way for average Joes to feel like they have some form of power outside of the nine to five grind.

Battle Command!, the newest offering from Spacetime Studios, attempts to throw its name into the populated RTS ring and while there’s plenty to do within the game, it is hard to shake some glaring similarities to the genre juggernauts.

Battle Command! starts with grandiose plans. Players are given their own plot of land and tasked with building a military empire. Steel mills, oil refineries, and dozens of soldiers are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to Battle Command!’s base-building options. The game’s neo-futuristic themes and visuals go a long way to draw attention to the action at hand, thanks largely to a pleasing color pallet.


Upon creating your first few buildings and troops, the meat of Battle Command! starts to fully come into view. Battle Command!’s best feature is the inclusion of numerous missions that offer a distinctly different feel than other titles in the genre. Where most games tend to focus strictly on Player VS Player combat, Battle Command! opts to include a fairly robust campaign that is littered with both building and combat related challenges.

Of course, building troops and structures isn’t possible without resources. Genre staples such as oil and steel are present, as is Battle Command!’s premium crystal resource. Many of the game’s higher-tier items will cost players crystals, as will replenishing resource supplies quickly. Thankfully, Spacetime Studios has chosen to give the player a more than generous amount of these crystals early on in the game, allowing for players to begin build before having to grind up more materials.

Outside of simple building and resource management, Battle Command! offers plenty of options on the multiplayer front. Alliances are Battle Command!’s player-based groups and within them various members are able to communicate – and plan assaults – with relative ease.


The Alliances and PVP in general, are certainly where many will find the majority of their time within the game spent. While Battle Command! offers campaign based missions; one of the genre’s biggest draws is the focus on interaction with other players. Battle Command! holds up in terms of competitive play when compared to its competitors, and those familiar with the genre will be more than prepared for online offerings.

Those who are looking for the next big innovation in the mobile strategy world might not find that in Battle Command! but genre enthusiast and those looking for a little bit of world domination outside of their mundane lives will surely find plenty to love within this game.

[schema type=”review” name=”Battle Command! | Review Summary” description=”The Awesome: Simple, yet intuitive controls, Genre fans will feel right at home, Alliances are fun to play with. The Not So Awesome: In many ways a re-skinned version of Clash of Clans, Resource management becomes a grind unless players are willing to pay premiums. ” rev_name=”Battle Command!” rev_body=”Battle Command! has plenty to offer but does little to truly stand out. It is impossible to spend time with the game and not draw illusions to the mobile device favorite Clash of Clans. At times, it does feel like Battle Command! is fundamentally the same game with a futuristic vibe. This isn’t to say that the near emulation makes Battle Command! any less enjoyable, but rather that it simply doesn’t exactly feel new.” author=”Ray Porreca” pubdate=”2013-12-04″ user_review=”6.5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”10″ ]

Reviewer Statement: Battle Command! was received by the developers for the purpose of reviewing.

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