Battle Sloths 2025 is one of the most ridiculous games that I got to play at PAX East 2025, and frankly, I had no idea what to expect from the name alone. The game that I got to play, frankly, was probably what I should have expected: it was absolutely nuts, and loads of fun. The game mode that I got to play was similar to Kill Confirmed from Call of Duty, where you kill players, pick up the slices of pizza that they drop, and bring it back to your spawn area. The first player to collect 15 slices of pizza wins, and with a game as fast-paced as this one, that doesn’t take that long. That’s not to say that the matches are over in an instant, however, as most weapons that you can pick up run out of ammo very quickly.

Every weapon is a one-hit kill (as far as I saw), and most weapons have enough ammo to get you five or so kills (if you have good aim). Every player also has a hover board that they can use to get around quicker, somewhat like a sprint button. This can be used to stop a player from bringing their pizza slices back to their base just in the knick of time, and make for some harrowing situations. I will say, it’s always a pleasure when you’ve secretly been collecting pizza slices, not making too much noise, and no one notices how close you are to winning. Pulling those surprise wins out of nowhere was just a kick-ass feeling, and the matches never overstay their welcome. The top-down perspective and pixel-art graphics fit the ridiculous nature of the game extremely well, and it looks fantastic, even with explosions and pizza everywhere.

Check out the trailer above and some screens below and let us know what you think about the game and whether or not you’d like to check it out!

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