Battleborn’s Gets Story Mission and Multiplayer Mode

I loved Battleborn, it was a fun game with some awesome mechanics going for it. Unfortunately with a player count sometimes in the single digits it’s very hard to recommend. Even when it launched and I reviewed it for Entertainment Buddha I had a feeling it was going to be short-lived.  That said I respect them for making new content all the time including the new story mission Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion along side a new PVP mode Face-Off. Face-Off is a 5V5 in which players will hunt and kill Varelsi, collecting their masks and depositing them for points near the center of the map.

Of course, you have to avoid being killed by the opposing team, who can steal some of these masks for themselves if they KO you before you’re able to deposit them. The team to 500 points first wins the match. The question is will additional players come back to it ? With whisperings that the game will go free-to-play soon that might boost the numbers but all we can do is wait. I would like to see Battleborn get a surge of fresh blood but unless it goes free like evolve did I don’t see it happening.


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