Battleborn’s New Infographic Breaks The Mold

A couple days ago I had written an article about Battleborn‘s recently released trailer introducing Lothar Rendain, the game’s charismatic main villain. I mentioned (nearly in passing) the quality of their marketing, believing that a continuous stream of this level of promotion would propel Battleborn to new heights of interest.

Gearbox and 2K released an infographic today detailing the badassery behind Battleborn‘s heroes, and I’ve been smiling ever since. The trademark humor of Gearbox begins from the subtitle and persists throughout its entirety.

In addition to Battleborn‘s comic relief, the information this graphic contains is communicated simply and efficiently. Using debatably simple mathematics (another shout out to the “crack squad of math wizards”), the game’s 25 playable heroes exponentially increase in their allure. The numbers continue to get bigger as the infographic continues, and each number is supported by a watermark-esque formula to show how they arrived to their conclusion.

Enough praise, though. Check it out for yourself!

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