Battleborn’s Villain, Lothar Rendain, Has A Message For You

Borderlands creators 2K and Gearbox just released a trailer for their new first-person shooter Battleborn, and Gearbox’s trademark humor has come right along with it.

The office of Lord Commander Lothar Rendain released a statement to the denizens of the last star informing them of their timely and martyr-esque demise. In traditional Gearbox fashion, the leading villain’s ideology is ultimately benevolent – Rendain wants to eliminate the “lesser parts of the universe” to make room for improvements. His means to this end, however, seem to be terrifyingly tyrannical.


Gearbox really outdid themselves with this graphic. The red lettering implies corrections made by Rendain himself, giving the audience some true insight into his character. This casual approach makes Rendain seem nearly likable because of his candor, even with his malignant agenda in mind.

Future players will be able to play through the game’s Story Mode when it releases on February 9th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If this caliber of polished marketing behind Battleborn continues, intrigue behind both the game’s characters and story should compel enough people to at least give the game a second glance.

That is, if the first glance didn’t get you already.


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