Battlefield 1 is rapidly approaching, and DICE is rolling out a gameplay series of videos, this one being all about the brutal weapons of WWI.

Everything from rifles to machine-guns, to grenades and shotguns, there’s a ton of different guns that we’ll be getting to use in the game. They showcased a bunch of different ways that they got to learn about the weaponry, from live demonstrations to speaking with WWI aficionados.

This is by far the nastiest, grittiest FPS to come out in a seriously long time, and with every trailer that comes out, we get to see more and more reasons as to why this game is going to put the knife to CoD’s throat this fall. Only time will tell which game will do better, but as of right now, Battlefield 1 has all of my attention, and I can’t wait to play it. Check out the trailer above!

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