Battlefield 1 is definitely going to be a change of pace from the Battlefield games of the most recent years, and that’s heavily needed. Obviously, with the change of era in the game, the vehicles are quite different than what we’ve gotten used to.

The devs behind Battlefield 1 are here to tell us all about the crazy vehicles that we’ll be getting to use. Between tanks, motorcycles, and bi-planes, bullets and shells will be tearing the battlefield up just as fast as they do in the modern Battelfield games.

One cool thing is that there’s going to be classes specifically for each vehicle type, so that people who want to control a tank will be best equipped to do so. Previous games in the series had classes for repairing vehicles in general, but have an entire class dedicated to just tanks or just planes sounds really cool! Check out the video above and see if you learn a few new things about vehicles in Battlefield 1.

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