Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 in Reality Doesn’t Measure up to the Hype

This post is not meant to be a review of Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360, but rather my first impressions of a game that was touted as the best looking game of all-time.  First and foremost Battlefield 3 is NOT the best looking game I’ve ever seen in action on the Xbox 360.  In fact, I don’t think it even holds a candle to the recently launched Rage, which looks miles better with its impressive 60 FPS frame rate.  Due to this major let down I was less than impressed with Battlefield 3 as a whole.

I have yet to play multiplayer, which this series is known for, but it wasn’t my choice.  I couldn’t even connect to a match over XBL, so I gave up with that cluster*ck and tried Battlefield 3’s single player campaign.  Holy Meh!  The visuals were uninspiring, and the story so far is forgettable, and the game glitches during battles due to all the action taking place on screen.  Critics may pick on the Modern Warfare story for being too Michael Bay like, but at least the 2 campaigns have been memorable due to these insane set pieces.  I haven’t found one thing to be memorable about the BF3 campaign so far, and I’m 3 hours into a 5-6 hour campaign.

Campaign and Multiplayer issues aside the biggest concern for me is the fact that this game was hyped as the best looking game on any platform to date.  Grant it all the trailers and gameplay footage came from a mega PC build that probably cost $8000, but I expected to at least have an “Oh Sh*t” moment when I first fired this game up similar to what I felt when I first emerged from my Vault in Rage.  Not so much.  The graphical quality really was a let down, so if you were solely buying this game to see the powers of the Xbox 360 put to the test I’d advise you to hold off on that operation and just rent it.

Obviously if you want a stellar multiplayer game (when it works) then continue on your way to the store to pick BF3 up, but if you just wanted to see this game in action it can definitely wait.  What a bummer, but it just means I get to spend more time with Batman and Gears 3.  You’ve been trying to pretend that Battlefield 3 looks great on consoles…


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