Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Going the Way of Gears of War 2

This piece of news brought tears to my eyes.  Battlefield: Bad Company 2, one of my top multiplayer games of all-time, is starting to experience issues that remind me of the horrible trauma I experienced on behalf of Gears of War 2 multiplayer.  I’m referring to the glitch in GOW2 that basically would reset your hard earned rank to Zero, and then piss all over you.  I felt this pain first hand and it was the first nail in the coffin for my tenure with Gears of War 2.

Well I read today that BBC2, in particular the Xbox 360 version, is experiencing the same type of glitch.  I guess the servers used for the 360 version have been crashing lately from the popularity of the title’s multiplayer component.  If the lack of servers to play on isn’t bad enough some of the 360 gamers have said their rankings and unlocked booty are also getting wiped out.  That is a big punch in the balls for anyone that prides themselves on their gaming accomplishments.  Don’t mock that notion.  Gaming is not for your typical geek anymore, it’s the new preferred form of entertainment.

This is an unfortunate deal for DICE and their massively popular title, but they better get their asses in gear with a fix or more hardware, because gamers are the most venomous form of human on the planet.  They will take to the boards and use language you typically hear in an X rated movie to relay their opinions about your company.  Hopefully, my stats don’t get zapped, but I don’t think it’d really matter because I suck.

You’ve been enlightened…

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