Battlefield Medics PWN All in Live Action ‘Shock Troopers’ Short

Corridor Digital has taken a page out of Freddie Wong’s book and enlisted the stuntman talents of the wildly diverse Action Factory stunt team for the latest YouTube masterpiece entitled Shock Troopers.  Once again the skills of the highly talented Corridor Digital team mixed with the high flying, skin burning, rig ripping crew from Action Factory are combined to make one of the best YouTube video game/warfare videos of all time.  What amazed me about Shock Troopers is that it was made by two dudes who aren’t backed by some major studio, but it looked as professional as things are going to get on YouTube.

The premise is great (especially if you play battlefield, or other class based war games), the stunts are top notch (fire burn anyone), and the VFX are near perfect.  I think I have to agree with some of the commenters on CD’s YouTube page that this video could be better than what we’ve recently seen out of the YouTube master Freddie Wong.  These guys are all friends, so it’s nice to see a little competition in the VFX YouTube genre, but I just hope they don’t kill someone trying to outdo each other now.

Trust me, Shock Troopers because of the AF stuntmen, is as close to seeing prime time TV effects that you’re going to get on YouTube. Congrats to the AF team for making another great idea even more excellent with their death defying stunts, and the same goes out to Sam and Niko for putting out a product that some consider better than the master’s work himself.  Freddie and Brandon better watch out, because Corridor Digital is all grown up now!  Check out Shock Troopers below and watch out for flying terrorists.  You’ve been needing a little shock therapy, CLEAR!!!

Shock Troopers


Let the Troll Wars Begin!

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