Be In Control of Your Gaming Style With the New FUSION Controller for Xbox One

PowerA today announced the unveiling of a new FUSION Controller for Xbox One, that is powered by a combination of advanced, customizable hardware and features that let every gamer take control of their individual preferences. The FUSION Controller for Xbox One contains the features of an advanced level controller at a competitive price. Previous Fusion controllers could get pretty pricey at around 80 USD, but the new Fusion Controller is priced modestly at $49.99, and it comes with a ton of new features that will enhance players experience and give them an edge in competitive play.

Features include:

  • Six interchangeable analog sticks that offer up to 14 different combinations for fine-tuned accuracy
  • Two customizable pro gaming buttons allow gamers to map actions to buttons on the back of the controller
  • Quick- trigger locks for rapid fire capability
  • Dual rumble motors and impulse triggers allow gamers to feel every bit of the action
  • Tournament-legal 9.8ft braided USB cable means that gamers will never run out of batteries
  • 3.5mm audio input

The Fusion Controller releases September 1, 2016!


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