‘Beasts of the Week in Geek’ Season 2 Premiere: No Nerf Zone


It’s been quite some time since the last official episode of EntertainmentBuddha.com’s Beasts of the Week in Geek video series, but the drought is now over.

The season 2 premiere (19th episode overall) features the same bootleg design and production that made the first season of BotWiG so unsuccessful and mildly entertaining. You won’t be impressed!

The premiere episode deals with a variety of topics, but is definitely movie industry heavy with the review of Pacific Rim leading the way. There’s also some video game action, as well as some new geeky toys to drool over, so please waste 6 minutes of your life by checking out the debacle known as Beasts of the Week in Geek after the break. You will probably be blown away if you do! Just not in a good way.

BotWiG 19: Spartacus Legends and Pacific Rim Reviews Plus Wolverine Gets Nerfed

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