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Beat Cop, for those that never played it on PC or mobile, is a culmination of many different things. The biggest, and most obvious thing are the campy cop dramas from the 80s, and 80s references in general. Since this is just a port of a game and not really a full game, I’m going to keep the review relatively light and talk about how the game works on console.

In short, it works just fine, I haven’t played the PC version myself, but I did check out the mobile version. It definitely looks like it was built to play on one of those, using touch commands or a mouse to control the game. That doesn’t detract from the gameplay on consoles though, it works just as well with a controller. Writing tickets and being a total scumbag cop is just as easy no matter what peripheral you’re using.

Beat Cop, in and of itself is a pretty good time, and a perfect “sick day” game, as I like to call it. Whether it be that you’re snowed in or you’re too sick to go to work or school, it’s just long enough and interesting enough to take up that day. I will say that there’s a handful of jokes or racist references in the game that don’t really feel like they have a point. Sorta like when a 10 year old learns all of the good swears and just starts using them with no real setup or payoff. I’m not trying to be the Politically Correct Police or anything, it takes place in the 80’s, and I know that we’ve come a long way since then. I’m still pretty sure people didn’t just toss around some of these slurs in public for no real reason (comedic or otherwise).

I digress, there’s a good story here, a main character that’s fun to hate, and gameplay that’s quirky and varied. It’s an above average experience that still feels like it should be played on PC or mobile instead. It’s a lot like Papers, Please, in that sense, it’s just got that feeling about it. If you like anything to do with the 80’s and greasy, depressing cop/detective stories, this is totally for you. However, I’d do that math ahead of time and find out which platform it’s cheapest on. I see it on sale quite frequently on PC and on mobile.

Beat Cop

Story - 7
Gameplay - 6.5
Graphics - 7
Sound - 6.5
Entertainment Value - 7


Buy It (On Sale)

Beat Cop is the perfect rainy day game that makes you feel like a greaseball cop in the 80's. Not for everyone, and some awkward, shoved-in dialogue detracts from the immersion, but still a unique game to check out.

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