Games that integrate music always have interested me. When I heard of Beat the Game I was oddly intrigued by it. The trailers initially don’t give away too much information about the game, which isn’t always a bad thing. Going into the game I was still a little shrouded by mystery. What was I about to do? What was the point of the game? Well, after starting it all became clear, I was to attempt to put on the best DJ set of my life.

Beat the Game has an odd way of presenting it’s gameplay. I was only able to do a 15 minute play through of the current build presented to me so I had to use my time wisely. I was able to do it multiple times to try and collect as much as I could. I wasn’t really given any character names or story elements. All I knew was that my character was trapped in some random desert and had to collect the sounds from around him/her. There is a lot of abstract art here, the whole landscape nice to look at, fused with things I couldn’t really wrap my head around. The main concept was to stop and listen to the objects around you and absorb those sounds to use for your own. Once I had some sounds recorded I mixed them into a song. These kind of mechanics always make me feel like I could pursue a career as a DJ.

An interesting side character I didn’t have the time to meet.

Once I put together some cohesive noises, some new characters joined my level because they liked what they hear. Different characters are attracted by different music. This was a cool concept, showing that music truly can bring different people together. During my different play throughs, I was never able to collect every sound to put on the live show before the time ran out. It is a damn shame because I was enjoying the hell out of the game. Other than not knowing who I was and what I was there for, the game was fun. I am looking forward to another build of the game to try out and maybe get a little more time into. I will probably run future attempts to get everything and see what this DJ set is all about!


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Preview statement: The code for the game was provided by the developer for the sake of this preview.

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