Become an Instant iDevice DJ With the Free Falling Stars App

Sometimes even gum manufacturers can make a killer free app for iOS enabled devices.  Trident Vitality has sponsored a free music making app with their Falling Stars offering on all iDevice platforms.  It has a very light footprint (6.6MB), so don’t worry about eating up valuable HDD space on your device of choice.  Besides, Falling Stars is one of the most magical big business sponsored apps I’ve ever seen.  I can’t even begin to tell you how addicting this thing is for anyone that likes to tinker with creative apps that allow you to show off your musical side.  Simply amazing, and quite honestly very hard to put down.

Within a minute of downloading Falling Stars from the app store I was already creating my DJ-like masterpieces for the world to hear.  I have ZERO musical talent as you may have found out in some of my YouTube videos that feature the EB theme song, but my lack of skill doesn’t affect the enjoyment factor of creating tunes in Falling Stars.  You don’t have to be the next Mozart, or Paul Okenfold to make semi-decent beats on your iDevice with this app.  It’s as simple as choosing various branches, which all feature a unique tone, and then toggling how fast the stars drop rain on them to strike their tune.

Trust Me All That Stuff Makes Some Beautiful Sounds

Yes, it definitely sounds like I’ve been eating magic mushrooms, but that is how the app works.  If you’ve ever needed a free app to express yourself, or just to waste a little bit of time in a creative manner, then I highly recommend downloading Falling Stars to your iOS enabled device today.  For more information, and some links to my initial creations, please head on down past the break.  You’ve always known that you could be an iPad 2 DJ…

Falling Stars by Trident Vitality


Link to my first Falling Stars creation

Link to my second Falling Stars creation


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