Become the Next Freddie Wong With Action Movie FX for iOS

[UPDATE] Freddie Wong is known for some amazing VFX work in his YouTube videos, which have garnered him global fame.  Wouldn’t you also like to be able to take ordinary videos and spice them up with some special effects to become the next YouTube All-Star?  Well, without much training, and a lack of high end film making gear, trying to become the next Wong may seem pretty difficult, and it is.  He definitely has the skills to pay the bills, but that doesn’t mean n00bs can’t create some decent VFX videos either.

This is where the new Action Movie FX app from Bad Robot Interactive comes in, which is currently a free to download app for iOS that puts the ability to create VFX enhanced videos in the palm of your hands.  Creating VFX movies on your iPhone/iPad 2 with Action Movie FX installed is as easy as 1-2-3.  Basically you pick your desired special effect (2 come free, 4 are available for $.99), you line up your shot with an easy to use targeting reticle, film it, set the timing of the effect, and then let it process.  Within seconds you’ll have an amazing looking shot complete with VFX and sound provided by Skywalker Sound!  It’s a sh*t load of fun to use, and the effects actually look pretty damn good for freaking free iOS app!

You can check out some of my examples that I made yesterday and posted to YouTube below.  They’re no Wong videos, but for someone with an iPhone 4S and a free app they aren’t half bad either.  You’ve been dreaming of all kinds of new possibilities while in public with this app…

[UPDATE] I’ve added two new creations from my trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend.  This could be the greatest app of all-time!

Action Movie FX download link

VFX Videos shot with the Action Movie FX app on an iPhone 4S

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