Beep Boop Beep: RIP Kenny Baker

Yesterday we learned of the news that actor Kenny Baker, original Artoo Detoo (R2D2) from Star Wars, passed away at age 81. And while he was not a household name like Harrison Ford or James Earl Jones, the small tripodal android he helped bring to life is.

R2D2From the very beginning, going back to the novel pre-movies by George Lucas, Star Wars: From The Adventures of Luke Skywalker (December 1976), R2D2 has been front and center. He’s become a staple character for every Star Wars movie to date, including the first six movies played by Baker (along with his two twin brothers).

And not just movies, but from action figures to trading cards little R2D2 is a character that has brought a smile to the faces of so many. Perhaps it was his simple beep boop beep chirps or his unwavering loyalty to his friends, but the character is deeply loved. To the late Mr. Baker, thank you for the role you played in shaping this most iconic character. May your soul rest peacefully in a galaxy far, far away.




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