Behind the Scenes and Making of Breaking Bad’s “Blood Money”


AMC’s Breaking Bad made its triumphant and much anticipated return to television last night, and the internet is a-buzz with Breaking Bad chatter. Last night’s episode, “Blood Money”, was a fitting return to the screen for Walter White and company, with lots to take away from a viewing. EB’s full review of “Blood Money” can be found here – so be sure to catch up as soon you possible.

Following the hype of last night’s episode, AMC released two videos featuring relating to “Blood Money”. The videos are spoiler heavy, so those with the intention to catch up with the show should save their viewing for later.

The videos, a ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘making of’ showcase of last night’s episode are a treat for fans of the show. Check them out in their entirety below.

(SPOILERS) Inside Episode 509 Breaking Bad: Blood Money:

(SPOILERS) Making of Episode 509, Blood Money: Breaking Bad:

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