Combat on all levels.

Combat on all levels.

We here at EB are definitely looking forward to Titanfall. Matt, EB’s EIC, spent some time checking out Titanfall’s multiplayer at E3 this year and was blown away by how great the game is shaping up to be and has included it as his  top pick of all the games he saw at the show.

Respawn’s combination of tried and true multiplayer in conjunction with the hulking titans, is proving to be a gaming experience quite like no other. The developers released a behind the scenes video earlier today that showed off some of Titanfall’s sleek and brutal combat, as well as sharing some insight into the game’s design.

Based off of what we have seen so far, there’s no doubt that Titanfall has serious potential to become the next big thing in online FPSs. Those of you who are on the fence should take three minutes and check out the video below for yourselves.

Inside Titantfall: Official Behind the Scenes Video:

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