Indie game developer FuturLab and publisher Sierra uploaded a video to shed light on the development process behind their newest arcade shooter, Velocity 2X.

FuturLab intends on utilizing a unique blend of storytelling and fast-paced action to unravel the narrative in Velocity 2X, relying on a balance of pacing and ambitious urgency. Lieutenant Kai Tana, whom the story revolves around, is trying to escape her alien captors – it’s up to your ability and skill to help her do so successfully. Meaningfulness within the story is elaborated by the game’s 1980’s Sci-Fi art direction, naturally bringing both the universe and characters of Velocity 2X to life.

The game drops on August 19th for Xbox One and PC, and includes extra DLC content (Dual Core and Critical Urgency) from its previous Playstation iteration. It sounds like a pretty nice package for only $9.99.

Until then, enjoy the video above – it’s a two parter, so expect to see the second video emerge soon.


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