Behold the Beauty of Tomb Raider’s Cinematography


I’ve been playing Crystal Dynamic’s new Tomb Raider all week, and while doing so I came across some amazing uses of cinematography that really provided some amazing scenes.  I’ve really come to appreciate the lengths that Crystal Dynamics has taken to give the new Tomb Raider and Lara Croft a fresh breath of life.  Between the excellent use of camera angles, lighting, and character animation, the new Tomb Raider has a recipe for success that most gamers will surely appreciate.

Feel free to head on down past the break to check out two of the better examples of Tomb Raider’s  excellent use of cinematography.  The first scene has an eery resemblance to LIMBO, while the second is a great example of the different camera angles that are used in this game to give it a movie-like feel.

Yes, I know other games have employed this tactic before, but I feel that the new Tomb Raider executes it almost perfectly.  You’ve been needing to give this reboot a try…


Tomb Raider Cinematography Excellence: The LIMBO Effect and Radio Tower Climb

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