Ben Heck Gives Lazy Xbox 360 Gamers an Easier Way to Change Discs

Good old uber-geek Ben Heck who is famous for his hardware mods, which usually center on gaming, has come up with another console trick that will make sloth-like gamers very happy.  He has managed to combine a Xbox 360, an Arduino board, and a Sony CD changer into the ultimate lazy gamer setup.  With his mod gamers can load their gaming collection into the changer so they never have to worry about burning those precious calories earned from eating junk food and drinking beer again!  Imagine playing a game like FF XIII, or L.A. Noire, and not having to break the action by getting up and changing the disc to continue playing?

This has always been one of my biggest beefs with Microsoft’s decision to use crappy old DVD technology and not the supremely larger capacity of a Blu-ray disc.  In the year 2011 there should be no reason for a videogame to be on multiple discs, but MS has stuck to their guns, so 360 gamers are left with the painfully simple, yet huge distraction of changing game discs mid game.  Outside of physically having to get up the practice of changing discs also takes gamers out of the immersion they were having with the game world.  There’s nothing worse than really getting into a game, and then having to break the illusion by having a “Please Insert Disc 2” message display on the screen.  It’s a major bummer with no easy fix outside of switching to a PS3, or as you’ll see in Ben’s video below, building your own solution.

The Xbox 360 disc changer is still a work in progress, but if you’re into taking sh*t apart and making new franken-devices I suggest watching Mr. Heck’s 19 minute video on his latest project.  The dude really is a genius, and his projects cater to our kind.  You’ve been wondering when game discs will just disappear all together…

A Real Game Changer

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