Best Fanboy Tangents From Star Wars Time Episode 167

Nick and I are trying to do something new with our Star Wars Time Show podcast, so in addition to releasing the main episode featuring the full length podcast, we are going to start taking the best tangents and breaking them out for fans to listen to. In episode 167 we had five tangents that touched on interesting subjects from the Star Wars franchise, so we broke them out below.

The first tangent is a passionate one of mine, as it relates to the final edits George Lucas made to Return of the Jedi. In particular, the dialogue change he made to the final confrontation between Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and the Emperor. I just feel that this scene is one of the most emotionally charged in the saga, and by George adding “NOOOOOOOOO” to it cheapens it greatly and further reduces the legend of Darth Vader.

The second tangent deals with the fanboy hate for J.J. Abrams’ work in the Star Wars saga. We don’t quite get it, but everyone is allowed to have their own opinions.

The third tangent revolves around a discussion about Luke Skywalker, and how he will leave Ahch-To in The Last Jedi if he does indeed leave the island. Will it be with Rey in the Falcon, or will he surprise us with a hidden X-Wing?

The fourth tangent also is about Luke, but this time we wonder what his lightsaber will look like if he has to whip it out in The Last Jedi.

The final tangent takes a look at Kylo Ren and how he wants to be Vader, but we argue that he can never be Vader due to how Anakin was raised and lived.


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