Best Gaming Rap Video EVER!!: Generation Gaming – Dan Bull

This rap and subsequent video could be the coolest, most dope tune about gaming I’ve ever seen.  First off, I’m a sucker for British rap.  There’s just something about their beats and accent that make it stand out to me.  When I first played this video my mind immediately went to The Streets, which is my favorite British rap music of all-time.

Check him out if you’ve never heard it before.  You’ll love it.  There’s just something catchy to the way the Brits rhyme versus our bling-bling, get yo money, ho-banging shit we have over here.  I’m a rap fan, but some of the newer crap that is out these days is all autotuned-out and only focuses on getting money and other dumb shit like going to the club.  Give me a rap that tells a story, or infuses hate in my heart like Eminem, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang, or Biggie.

Anyway, back to this awesome gaming history rap song.  For any gamer that has been around for awhile this video will speak to you.  He really does a superb job of breaking gaming down lyrically, and mixing in some great gaming footage from the last 20 years.  You have to love the finale with a burning Xbox 360.  Oy, Oy, you’ve been served geezer style mate…


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