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I recently made the change from the PC/Android world to the often perceived Commie world of Apple.  Due to this change I’ve had to put in some research to find similar applications that I used on my Android based phone for the iPhone/iPad format.  In particular I was really missing my Google Analytics and Google Adsense widgets that I used on the Android platform.  With a glance of the screen I could get an idea of how many hits EB was getting each day, and I could also check on the massive amounts of pennies the site was earning as well.  Unfortunately, Lord Jobs isn’t a big fan of widgets so I knew from the get got that I’d need to find an app in the App Store for both of these Google functions.  Luckily I did, and they both give me exactly what I need and more for a low, low price (one bummer about iOS is that most apps like this will cost you if you want the full suite of functions).  I’m referring to Quicklytics and SimpleSense, which both give me the tools I need to stay on top of my Web Master duties.  Read about them below to see if they will also do the job for you!


Best Google Analytics App for iOS (iPhone/iPad): Quicklytics by ESCOZ Inc.

The full version of Quicklytics will run your cheap a*s $1.99, but the measly asking price is well worth the price of admission.  Quicklytics will give you all of the information you need to know about what Google Analytics is recording for your site by current day, previous day, month, and finally a custom date range.  It will also allow you to compare all of the data to the previous day, or the previous week to see how your statistics are trending.  All of the data is presented in a clean interface with bar charts to give those who prefer their data visually a way to view site statistics.

Outside of the overview page you can also drill into a host of metrics that you’d find on the Google Analytics site itself.  You can check out the top sources of your hits, what people are clicking on, which countries are sending your site traffic, and many more bits of data to keep your anal self satisfied that your site is performing up to speed.  Best part about it is that the app runs very quickly, and it is designed for both the iPhone and iPad platforms.  This means you buy it once and can use it on both devices.  This is very nice for those of us that have given Apple more money than we’d like to admit when it comes to buying their full lineup of products.  Take a look at some screenshots of the app below to see if it will work for you.  You can also check it out in iTunes by clicking here.

Quicklytics on iPhone/iPod Touch


Quicklytics for iPad/iPad2

Best Google Adsense App for iOS (iPhone/iPad): SimpleSense by Tal Bereznitskey

The best part about SimpleSense is that it’s FREE, FREE, FREE (sorry all I could hear is one of those monster truck commercial announcers in my head).  There’s absolutely no reason to not give this Google Adsense reporting app a try.  Once logged in SimpleSense gives you current day, previous day, week, month, and finally a payment view to track how much cash, or in my case how many pennies your site is making from Google Ads each day.  Within each report you will get your total earnings, number of clicks, CTR, CPM, Ad Views, and you can also view by ad channels for an in-app purchase of $.99.  The app is exactly what it claims to be, simple!

SimpleSense just like Quicklytics is also formatted for both the iPhone and iPad platforms.  It scales perfectly on each device and has a very clean interface.  The only issue I’ve noticed is that it requires me to click on the “Yesterday” button to initially log me in.  Without doing this the client just sits there saying that it’s logging in.  No big deal especially because this app is free.  I’m not “that guy” who will post in a review, or give negative feedback for a free app.  It’s f*cking free you Troll bast*rds, so if you don’t like it design something better!  You can check out what SimpleSense looks like below, and if you’re interested in more details head on over to this link to view it in iTunes.

SimpleSense on iPhone/iPod Touch

SimpleSense on iPad/iPad2

Hopefully my vote of confidence makes your Google Analytics apps, and Google Adsense apps search much quicker.  Both of these apps get the job done and look good doing it.  Feel free to chime in with your own experiences, or if you feel like there may be even better clients for Google Analytics/Adsense on the iOS platform.  You’ve been led like sheep to Google greatness on iOS…


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