Everyone loves a good zombie game. We tend to love them even more when they’re cheaply and conveniently available through the XBox Live Marketplace. Here is a list of some of the best head-splitting classics available.


The title is pretty self-explanatory: Someone made a game, and it has zombies. In case the title doesn’t explain it all, though, the sound track behind it certainly does: “I made a game with zombies in it. You’d better shoot them or you’re gonna die.” The controls can be picked up instantly—one joystick moves players, the other one shoots when pushed forward. There are various power-ups that are used instantly. Up to four people can play, but it’s best as a two player since the already tiny figures become even smaller as the view zooms out even further to accommodate each player’s movement. A small warning—it’s best to not play it if you’re prone to seizures. The background moves, flashes and changes rapidly. The game is fun enough to still have you reaching for another battery when your controller dies after hours of playing with friends.

Plants vs. Zombies:

If you haven’t played it yet, fork over the Microsoft Points and check out the most entertaining tower defense game ever created. The adorable murderous plants are your only defense against a horde of zombies that employ everything from balloons to screen doors to buckets on their heads. The levels progress quickly, and the plants keep up with it. You’ll have the opportunity to buy pool supplies from Crazy Dave to defend your backyard and a roof cleaner for added support on the roof levels.

Zombie Apocalypse:


Can you survive 55 days of a zombie infestation? Well, you may never actually know, but give it a shot with Zombie Apocalypse. The 4-player co-op game plays a lot like an advanced “I made a game with Zombies.” You have unlimited ammo in your standard M16, but you can also pick up randomized guns occasionally. There is even an explosive teddy bear reminiscent of the monkey bomb in COD’s zombie levels. The variety in zombies and weapons keeps the game interesting even after you’ve gone several hours into it. The price is slightly steep–$10 for 10 hours of gameplay—probably due to the fact that it’s made by Konami instead of an independent developer.

Zombie Turkey Outbreak:

Once you get over the initial shock of zombie turkeys, there’s not a lot left to the game besides a basic FPS. There’s a reason they’re so popular though—Zombie turkeys are still incredibly fun to kill even without a plot, different enemies or varying environments. The graphics are on the level of PS2 games, but they’re still clean enough to play and have fun doing so. The biggest challenge this game faces is the lack of open area. There are different levels, but the only thing that really differentiates between them is the weapons you choose.


Okay, so it hasn’t been released. Heck, it hasn’t even been finished yet. But we’ll be keeping our eyes on this one. Developer Jeff Strain (creator of Blizzard’s Starcraft campaign editor) has turned his full attention to creating an MMO where players could decide whether they wanted to hole up and avoid the horde of undead or take a stand and fight. Remember all those strategies you thought of while watching those weaklings die in Dawn of the Dead? You’ll be able to try them all out in Undead Lab’s game.


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