DOOM is one of the most prolific and influential video game franchises of all time, and ages like a fine wine.

But the wine is actually blood and mashed intestines from the demonic horde that you just cut through with chainsaws and shotguns.

It’s been 25 years since the original DOOM came out which is absolutely crazy and has made me realize that it’s 6 months older than me. The video that Bethesda released today is a short little thank you to everyone that’s played any of the games. They show off a bunch of popular mods people have made for the game, cosplays, fan art, and it just feels real wholesome. I mean, as wholesome as a video about DOOM can be, and it reminds everyone that DOOM Eternal is coming out. Check out the video above and stay tuned right here for more news on DOOM Eternal!

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