Bethesda Confirms PS4 Mod and 4K Support for Skyrim and Fallout 4

Good ne—nay, great news, PS4 owners: despite a bleak blog post from Bethesda declaring the indefinite absence of mod support for the PlayStation 4, Skyrim community creations will, in fact, be coming to game’s PS4 version.

But mods, native 4k resolution rendering, and PS4 Pro support isn’t stopping at Skyrim. After Skyrim’s updates are all said and done, Bethesda’s attention will be turning to Fallout 4. As it currently stands, the only requirement for being able to participate in playing or creating mods is a account. Simply log in, download, and off you go.

Check out Bethesda’s official update on the matter here, and take a second (or three) to stare in awe at the 4k screenshots of Skyrim they included.

October 28th cannot get here soon enough.


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