I attended a Bethesda closed door press briefing today and was treated to two fabulous demos in The Elder Scrolls Online, and Dishonored.  ESO was fantastic looking and I’m glad that it’ll be Mac compatible, but what I saw was more of a tech demo versus the actual gameplay demo of Dishonored.  I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t really have strong feelings towards Dishonored one way or the other going into E3, but now that I’ve seen it, and actually played it, I can tell you that this game could be a sleeper hit when it comes out in October.

What intrigued me so intensely with Dishonored is its impressive arsenal of supernatural powers, and traditional weapons alike.  The protagonist carries a knife in his right hand, but the left can be equipped with anything from a mini-crossbow to a super power.  It’s these super powers that really make the game a blast to play either stealthily, or like Rambo.

We were shown the same mission completed using both stealth and brutality, and I must admit that both play styles yielded completely unique scenarios.  The stealthy route provided some tense moments and clever sleuthing on the player’s part, but the brutal play through was a thing of beauty.  I’m talking decapitations, neck stabs, limb loss, and all sorts of nasty ways to go about killing your enemies, and your ultimate target.

After all, you are playing as an assassin, so it’s not like you wantonly wade through this game wasting no name NPCs in a stealthy or an in your face manner.  Both styles have meaning.  There’s an end goal to each mission, so sometimes stealth may be the easier path to take, or getting up close and personal may be the better way to go.  Regardless of how you go about completing each objective both styles were a blast to implement.

I have to say that Dishonored is probably the coolest thing I saw and played with on this first official day of E3 2012.  I didn’t really have it on my “holy sh*t radar coming into the show, but now it has shot up my internal ranking list of must play games in 2012.  Make sure to check it out if you haven’t seen it in action yet, and let us know what you think.  You’ve been wanting to play with Dishonored again…

Dishonored Gameplay Trailer



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