Bethesda Releases Final Gameplay-less Animated Featurette for Fallout 76

Bethesda has released the final episode of the animated You Will Emerge video series for Fallout 76, which aims to inform players about the game’s perilous world and inhabitants. The problem with these videos is that they don’t show actual gameplay footage, rather they opt for a 1950’s-style cartoon presentation starring Vault Boy.

I mean these videos themselves are pretty cheeky and well written, but like me I imagine most of you would rather see the actual game in action versus a clever animated short that is supposed to make us feel like we are vault dwellers ourselves. That’s my take at least, and like I said these videos aren’t bad, they’re actually pretty funny thanks to the style of dry humor being used in them, but they’re not gameplay videos.

Fallout 76 hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 14, 2018.

About the Video

In today’s episode, learn to work together with fellow survivors to harness the power of the atom! On your adventures across the untamed wasteland of Appalachia, you may stumble upon fragments of nuclear launch codes. Work together with other survivors, or not, to piece together code fragments and discover the ultimate weapon – nuclear missiles.

With great power comes big decisions! Do you take the noble path and help beat back the threat of menacing Scorchbeasts by obliterating the fissures from which they emerge? Maybe you’d rather take aim at your fellow survivors? Whatever your choice, tread carefully in the temporary blast zone – high-level threats stand between you and the area’s rare and valuable materials!

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